AX 2012 – RecordInsertList (basic sample)

Sample code…. Bad Practice: RandomTable randomTableBuffer; // Imagine this loop returns 10000 records. while select randomTableBuffer where randomTableBuffer.RandomField1 == “1” { randomTableBuffer.RandomField2 == “2”; randomTableBuffer.insert(); } This would insert a record in the database 10000 times. Of course this would work just perfectly fine but would give you horrible performance. To avoid performance issues you […]

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 – Keeping track of errors

While debugging or any other development process you come across errors. Sometimes you click away the errors to fast or your client can crash. For these scenarios I created a error log. I only use this in my dev environment. Add the following piece of code in the “Info” class, “Add” function. Below is a […]

Dynamics AX 2012 – Update data progress bar

This job example will explain the use of SysOperationProgress¬†class; static void DEV_progress_example(Args _args) { int i; #AviFiles SysOperationProgress progress = new SysOperationProgress(); progress.setCaption(‘Processing something please wait’); /* Caption of the progress bar */ progress.setAnimation(#AviUpdate); /* You can set different animations */ progress.setTotal(100); /* Set total to keep progress of the progress bar (this case total […]

Dynamics AX 2012 – Active Directory Users

Today i found a project i created in my early stages of programming in DAX. Here you can download the code, modify it to your needs. Managing user accounts in Dynamics AX 2012 can be a hard task to handle. Type of licensing, user counts etcetera. To make life easier for the IT operation guys/girls […]

Dynamics AX 2012 – AUC files

While developing and testing i faced caching issues. As a user with -SYSADMIN- rights the code was executing correctly but as a normal user the code was not executing and was throwing weird errors. One of the errors created was “Function SysOperationDataContractInfo::newParameterInfo has been incorrectly called“. The custom code extended the SysOperationServiceController and had complex […]

Dynamics AX 2012 – Import CSV

Yesterday i had my third course day in AX Development III. We had to create a import functionality to import a list of word from a file to a table. This is wat i came up with. It is not done yet cause it will also insert a “0” after the last imported word. I […]

Dynamics AX 2012 – Keeping track of users

Keeping track of AX and domain users can be a bit of a hassle. For example a colleague can disable a user in the domain that is not working at your company anymore but forgets to disable the user in Dynamics AX. I found a script on MSDN¬†and modified it a little bit to my […]