About me



My name is Jack Dekker and i am a software (Microsoft Dynamics) developer!

Living in the Netherlands near Amsterdam with my lovely wife and three kids.

I started out as a sysadmin and along the way i made a career switch towards software development. The aspects of creating completely new solutions or solving problems within a organisation is challenging and really satisfying.

I have specialised myself on Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP (2012 R3 and onwards) development. Why Dynamics AX as a specialisation you ask me? Cause of the complexity and variety of work.

I have created this website to boost my online presence and to share knowledge via blog posts. I also try to be as much active on other Dynamics AX communities.

Current skillset but not limited to;

  • X++
  • AIF
  • Dynamics AX 2012 – security development
  • C# .NET
  • End-user training of new solutions
  • System Administrative tasks
  • Network infrastructures

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