Dynamics AX 2012 – Active Directory Users

Today i found a project i created in my early stages of programming in DAX. Here you can download the code, modify it to your needs.

Managing user accounts in Dynamics AX 2012 can be a hard task to handle. Type of licensing, user counts etcetera. To make life easier for the IT operation guys/girls i created a quick tool.

Project consists of a temporary table and a form. In this form you can query all the users of type Active Directory against your Active Directory to check if the account is active or not. It will return all the users in the form that have a disabled user account in active directory.

There is also a button available to disable the account in Dynamics AX 2012.


  • Create a menu item for the form

Tip: To make things faster you can remove the code from the form and create a class.

Download XPO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sioaia1c8jxkevq/PrivateProject_DEV_ActiveDirectory.xpo?dl=0


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